We at Acharis provide cleverly designed, functional solutions
on Mobile, Web and Desktop Platforms.


Devoted to

Growing your Business

We can help you setup a online presence that looks professional, with quality and dedication. Whether it is establishing yourself as a brand, or getting more sales on your eCommerce site or making sure you have a sustainable IT infrastructure, we can help you.

Corportate Websites

Get great looking CMS backed content sites, that leave a lasting impression. Be it WordPress or plain HTML5 website, it’ll be great.


We have expertise in building fast, efficient, high quality e-commerce websites. We can work with Magento, OpenCart or a build a custom site as per your requirements.

Mobile Apps

Want to engage your audience on their smartphones? We can help you get started with your great app idea at affordable prices.

Desktop Apps

We can build great looking multi-touch or more windows based desktop applications. These can work in sync with your existing web or mobile app.

Server Setup

Moving on to cloud? Or perhaps just want to optimize your applications performance on that expensive server? We can help you.

Custom Programming

New marketplace? Or a social network? A different concept? We are experienced in building projects that demand scale, flexibility and performance for growing companies.

There are a gazillion other IT companies out there,

Why choose Acharis?

Fair question. At Acharis, we take pride in what we do, and believe in building quality websites, apps and solutions for our clients. We work towards building lasting relationships, that would let our clients know their projects are in good hands.

We take in consideration to your needs, and suggest the best possible solution based on the same. We also recommend what may or may not be required for the project, and avoid other unnecessary costs.

About Acharis >

  • Quality Work

    We work on projects that we can be proud of.

  • Timely Updates and Support

    Progress updates are shared at regular intervals. Free support for 15 days after delivery.

  • Transparent Billing

    Check our pricing ahead of time, to know expected costs.